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The Role of Public Relations in Environmental Sustainability

By February 7, 2017CSR
Environmental Sustainability, public relations | CSE, Sustainability Academy, sustainability reporting

Sustainability definitely is the new “black”. Companies across the whole world start to realize that they must extend the reach of their sustainability and corporate responsibility plans and come closer to environmental, economic, and social terms. Planet Earth must be protected in any way.

The uncertain legislative and regulatory environment, however, suggests the opportunity for closer integration of sustainability programs with a corporation’s public affairs activities. Public affairs couldn’t be the missing part of all this process because they can actually find the way to support this global vision.

Not only big companies but also small ones must tell their environmental story in order to enhance its reputation with customers, employees, and investors. That’s why public affairs should take part to this and help them to make a step forward.

Issues such as food security and a warming planet need people and organizations with very different interests to be persuaded to act for the common good.

“What if public relations’ role was not about managing reputation or winning favor for past acts of philanthropy but engendering positive future change and accelerating progress on key sustainability issues?” As the guardian says this is where public relations may have a more dynamic role; as an agent for change rather than to gloss up reputations.

So, as far as we can see, public relations will totally participate in sustainability’s area during the upcoming years.

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