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EU strategy on CSR and new legislation on Sustainability Reporting. How it affects most of the organizations

EU strategy on CSR

New legislative transparency rules are in place, with the 2014 European Committee Directive going into effect starting 2017.  Organizations with more than 500 employees are required to report on environmental, social and employee-related, human rights, anti-corruption and bribery matters and describe their business model relying on recognized frameworks such as GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and the United Nations Global Compact.

In fact, EU CSR Strategy 2015-2019 goes from Compliance to Innovation.European CSR Strategy 2020 should not only focus on a common understanding of CSR to minimise risk, compliance and transparency but also to support companies to take advantage of opportunities to innovate of products and services that create shared value and sustainable living for all” said Étienne Davignon, Minister for State and CSR Europe President.

CSR Professionals who want to get a recognized qualification and learn more on related legislation, the benefits of reporting for an organization, the GRI standards that are used globally, the process of materiality assessment, data collection, and stakeholder mapping and engagement, can benefit from the world’s top Online Certificate on Sustainability (CSR) Reporting.
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