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    CSE aims to meet the needs of the Shipping sector to adopt sustainable tactics through its strategical partnership with Water Revolution Foundation (WRF). With the headquarter offices located in Amsterdam, WRF represents all the top yacht and super yachts manufacturers. CSE will support its partner to create a code of conduct, based on international standards on Sustainability Development as well as the demands of International Maritime Organization (IMO), which also apply in seagoing shipping.

    Yachting sector is one of the largest industries, worth of 75 billion dollars globally, that has made a significant progress during the last years. Through this partnership, CSE will define any emerging needs on sustainable development issues not only in this promising industry but in shipping overall. Its goal is to offer integrated strategic proposals that will be specialized and customized to the sectors’ needs.

    Cooperation started in the middle of November during Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam, where yacht manufacturers as well as suppliers (marines, engine manufactures, etc.) attended the certified sustainability practitioner program delivered by CSE. Next open certified sustainability program that will take place in Europe is in London, March 12-13  2020 and in Brussels, June 25-26 2020.

    Although Sustainability should be the catchword in an economy system that also targets the minimum of waste and promotes energy resources, European Commission seems to be guided by the economic belief that austerity should still be supported.

    Since its first initiation in 2012 when the Euro debt crisis was at its peak, the independent Annual Growth Survey (iAGS) constantly questions whether European Commission follows a more realistic approach over macro economy and a less focused on a long-term reduction of public debt while being conscious enough over the social aspect of the crisis. There had been argument to the level of austerity and the control of public debt, nevertheless little influence did it have on the policies of the European Union.

    The 2019 sustainability imperative highlights faster adaptation and a massive step forward. UN Sustainable Development Goals have indicated the way to sustainability performance and economic growth. That means that the measurement of Financial Performance is closely tied to sustainability strategies and goals. More specifically, it is implied that the measurement of social wellbeing is based on the triptych of sustainable development: Economic, Social and Environmental.

    On that note, the Center for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) knows first-hand the challenge of SDGs integration into strategy and sustainability plan and this June in Brussels will surface all the latest trends in sustainability (CSR) for the next coming years while it will address the European needs in a global context.  New policies and strategies are required to be orchestrated to reliably support the delivery of long term sustainability.

    Nevertheless, EU has still some way to cover in order to sufficiently achieve the SDG’s. Climate Change is another serious challenge that needs to be faced collectively. Societies and corporations are warned on how to use their carbon budget under the +2C target. Consequently, the carbon debt should be deliberated in the upcoming decades, since in the starting point scenario about 50% of EU GDP will be alarmed in staying below +2C.

    Sustainability Professionals all over Europe are expected to join the leading event in Brussels to discuss and face the frontline challenges as well as to get globally certified. This is a limited seating training; claim your seat on time.



    Key sustainability challenges, trends and priorities were presented in CSE’s recent Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program in London, which welcomed attendees from 3 continents and 10 countries. Participants acquired valuable insights from CSE’s research and practical tools to efficiently manage sustainability in their organizations.

    The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) celebrates 12 years of trust from FT 500 corporations and global organizations in providing specialized Sustainability Education in Europe, North America, MENA and ASIA. Sustainability leaders from OP Financial Group, AIB, Herbalife, DNB Bank, IPM and other leading organizations have joined CSE’s program and over 1600 executives have become Certified Sustainability Practitioners globally.

    The Certified Sustainability Program provides tools for the design and implementation of the corporate Sustainability plan, as well as effective management of Sustainability complexities within their organization. The program also provides insights on new legislation, integration of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into the current sustainability plan, new and upcoming trends, ways to influence and get support from C-suite executives, the role of Investors and how to maximize their corporate performance in ESG ratings.

    CSE will be in Brussels, Belgium, in June 20-21, 2019. This program will feature a presentation of the Surprising Findings from CSE’s recent European Research on Sustainability Goals Integration and Sustainability (CR) Impact. The research focuses on Sustainability Reporting practices of more than 500 corporations from leading business sectors and outlines key considerations related to common strategic objectives, social impact goals, UN SDGs and external assurance practices.

    CSE is a leading training organization specializing in maximizing social, economic and environmental impact. We help professionals advance their careers through our certified on-siteonline and group training services globally. Fortune 500 companies and other organizations grow and excel using our specialized consulting services.



    CSE’s 2018 Dubai training brought together industry leaders from around the world for Sustainability Practitioner training.

    CSE welcomed attendees from around the world to its annual Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2018) held in Dubai in 2018.  Participants benefited from insights into managing sustainability at their organizations and lessons from CSE’s research. The interest for the training was extremely high, bringing together participants not only from the Gulf Countries but from China, New Zealand and Egypt.

    Practitioners met to advance their skills in sustainability management. Participants benefited from sector interactions among Real Estate, Energy, Government, Telecommunications, Plastics Manufacturing, and Financial Services.  Attendees discussed the importance of setting sustainability strategies on strong foundations, and exchange valuable experiences on how to communicate their highlights and engage with their stakeholders. Each brought a unique take on sustainability and its application in the real world and had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on the everyday challenges they face.

    Leading companies and organizations such as Wasl, the Department of Transport, Alcazar Energy, DP World, Nawah, Unipak, and Dubai Investments joined CSE’s leading program that has qualified over 1600 Sustainability and CSR professionals.

    CSE announced its annual report on Sustainability Reporting Trends in Europe 2016-2017.  Attendees received hints about the latest findings. This research provides a useful and convenient analysis of the reporting practices of European companies, of key common strategic objectives and social impact goals of companies belonging to eight leading business sectors in Europe.

    CSE training focuses on a comprehensive methodology.  It simplifies managing the complexities of sustainability within an organization.  The training covers assessment, legislation, communications, reporting and much more.  It includes the Return on Sustainability (RoS) framework developed by CSE from its body of knowledge and research which aim at supporting businesses by helping them assess the impact of their Sustainability Culture, Strategies and Reporting on their bottom line.

    Key CSR challenges and sustainability priorities are an integral part of the London and Brussels CSR Training coming up next in Europe. By demand, CSE will be back in London, UK, March 14-15, 2019 and in Brussels, Belgium, in June 20-21, 2019. Both certified practitioner programs will feature a presentation of the Surprising Research Findings 2018 on Sustainability Goals Integration and Sustainability (CR) Impact. The research focuses on reporting practices of more than 460 corporations from leading business sectors and outlines key considerations related to common strategic objectives, social impact goals, UN SDG’s, reporting and external assurance practices as well as legislation.

    CSE is a leading boutique firm specializing in maximizing social, economic and environmental impact. We help professionals advance their careers through our certified on-site, online and group training services globally. Fortune 500 companies and other organizations grow and excel using our specialized consulting services. Our next Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Programs, updated for 2019, will also be held in Atlanta, USA, Feb. 21-22, 2019, Toronto, Canada April 11-12, 2019 and New York City, USA, June 6-7, 2019.