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Trump Era: The Potential Impacts on Corporate Sustainability

By April 18, 2017CSR
Trump, Sustainability | CSE, CSR, Sustainability Academy

The outcome of the U.S. presidential election seems to be the latest step in a longstanding global trend of increasing political and environmental uncertainty. As far as Sustainability is concerned, President Trump’s regulatory freeze that halted four rules designed to promote greater energy efficiency, appears to be just the first salvo in an ongoing plan to roll back environmental protections and slash environmental budgets.Trump, Sustainability | CSE, CSR, Sustainability Academy

As the economy becomes more sustainable and energy efficient, a new market for clean energy and sustainability jobs is created. This market is large, growing and intrinsically local. Even better, these jobs span across economic sectors, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and other green goods and services, like local and state government, transportation and corporations.

Key trends as sustainability jobs continue to grow

As sustainability jobs continue to grow across the US, there are several key trends that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, sustainability jobs represent a large and growing portion of the U.S. workforce across multiple sectors. Sustainability now collectively represents an estimated 4-4.5 million jobs in the U.S., spanning energy efficiency and renewable energy, to waste reduction and environmental education. Moreover, due to the on-site nature of many renewable and energy efficiency jobs, these jobs cannot be outsourced, and can pay above average wages. Lastly, it is a fact that clean energy and sustainability jobs are present in every state in America, providing 2.2 million jobs across the nation.

How can we continue this momentum?

Investments in clean energy and sustainability pay off in the long run and foster a stronger economy – that equals more jobs and a cleaner future. This is why businesses are increasing their investments in sustainability. All in all, Corporate America understands that prosperity and a low-carbon economy go hand-in-hand, and should continue to support investment in this area. America is transitioning to a clean energy future and we can’t afford to stand in its way!

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