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Did you Know that Companies with Certified CSR-Practitioners Increase their CSR Performance?

Did you Know that Companies with Certified CSR-Practitioners Increase their CSR Performance?

Here at CSE we recently conducted a research based on CSRhub to discover just how important CSR-Practitioners are in advancing companies’ sustainability journey. For those of you who aren’t aware CSRHub is a leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability rating and information database. In order for CSRHub to produce sustainable and therefore actual results, their criteria looks into evaluating companies CSR efforts in 4 fundamental categories (Community, Employees, Environment, and Resources) and 12 additional subcategories. In turn the overall CSR rating score calculated by CSRHub creates a benchmark for companies to compare sustainability performance. So we are essentially referring to a benchmark for company performance, which establishes a broad, consistent rating with data from multiple sources derived by companies’ sustainability and CSR initiatives. To date, CSRhub rating methodology uses 257 sources to create a schema which reduces bias and among those sources, respectively, are six top leading ESG research firms and other diverse, credible sources.

So, in our research 8 companies with CSR-Practitioners served as the sample to investigate their overall CSR Ratings.

Our aim was to discover if there was any difference between companies CSR ratings before and after having CSR-Practitioners within their teams. In turn, the actions taken to compare the 8 companies CSR scores 1 year before and after CSE training, were compared to the corresponding industry average. Fast-forwarding, the data points were transformed into line graphs to illustrate the sustainability score trends. So the graph below “W.W. Grainger Inc”illustrates the data point 1 year before CSE’s training (B), compared to 1 year after the training (P1) and indicates the impact that the CSR-Practitioners 2 year action plan (from the training) may have had on the company’s overall CSR score. For a full picture of the Research and the 2 year Action plan that all our Certified CSR Practitioners conduct, please click here.





Overall, the results of the research indicate that improvement scores were found in the companies which had CSR-Ps.  Why? Simple!  All CSR-Ps have completed CSE’s Certified CSR training and upon completion they created a 2 year Sustainability (CSR) action plan for their company. The reason this is notable is, when implemented, the action plan introduces a carbon footprint strategy and energy reduction plan. This is a practical and measurable strategy which is under review for 4 month by CSE experts and is approved by a third party (IEMA- Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) to ensure it meets standards and includes a variety of tools for approach. This action plan, implemented by the CSR-Practitionerss could have contributed to the improvement in overall CSR ratings.

Keen on having such an impact in your organization? Then join our upcoming Certified Sustainability & CSR Trainings approved by the Leading UK Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Trainings:

London, 17 &18 October 2013

Abu Dhabi, 24 & 25 November 2013

Houston, 7 & 8 November 2013

Atlanta, 14 & 14 November 2013

Certified Carbon Strategy Practitioner Trainings:

San Francisco 12 & 13 September

Atlanta, 19 & 20 September

Abu Dhabi, 27 & 28 November 2013

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