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    How to become a certified sustainability professional with Sustainability Academy

     As contemporary companies confront mounting pressure to integrate sustainable practices and report on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, there’s an urgent need for a sustainability professional capable of supporting these efforts.


    Whether you’re in IT, marketing, or supply chain management, professionals across the organization must acquire a more comprehensive understanding of sustainability practices, both in a general context and as they pertain to their specific roles.

    Based on the Green talent report for 2023,  there is growth in demand for green skills. In fact, between 2022 -2023 there was a 12,3 % share of green demand in the workplace and a 22,4% increase in job postings related to green skills demand. The demand for proficient sustainability experts is emerging, driven by the heightened emphasis on addressing climate change and various environmental concerns. Nevertheless, there’s a noticeable scarcity of “green talent” in the workforce, which presents a significant opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills.


    Unveiling the Benefits of Sustainability Academy

    • The Sustainability Academy is a global initiative by CSE, dedicated to providing accessible, specialized online education in the fields of Sustainability, Climate Change, Circular Economy, and Corporate Responsibility.
    • We have welcomed over 25,000 learners from 90 countries, including Sustainability experts, recent graduates, and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors, who have successfully completed our certified training programs.
    • We are proud to be accredited by both CMI and the CPD Institute
    • We were awarded with the “Sustainability Product of the Year” from the Business Intelligence Group and recognition in the “Technology for the Common Good” category at the Responsible Business Awards 2023 in Europe.”
    • Content created by Sustainability thought leaders, professors, and trainers with practical experience in the field of sustainability.
    • Self-paced courses that can be completed at your convenience within 45 days.
    • Up-to-date content revised on an annual basis, incorporating new legislation and trends based on field research.


     Explore our best-selling courses

    Join the Foundation Course and unveil the benefits of Sustainability academy

    • It includes the latest ESRS Standards
    • It is self -paced recorded
    • The duration is 45 days



    Do you want to become a successful sustainability professional?

    Join the Online Certificate on Sustainability (ESG) Reporting

    • It includes the latest ESRS Standards
    • It is self -paced recorded
    • The duration is 45 days



    Dive deep into SASB and TCFD Reporting

    Join the Online Certificate on SASB & TCFD Reporting

    • It includes the latest ISSB Standards
    • It is self -paced recorded
    • The duration is 45 days


    Join the Online Certificate on Carbon Reduction and net zero strategies

    • It is self -paced recorded
    • The duration is 45 days
    • It entails all the latest information about carbon reduction and net zero strategies

    carbon reduction


    Frameworks and disclosure requirements, which have long caused a complex and confusing overlapping, took a big leap forward in 2023 with the ISSB and the ESRS standards.

    Learn more about the ISSB and the ESRS standards by enrolling to the recently updated Online Certificate on Sustainability (ESG) Reporting and Online Certificate on SASB & TCFD Reporting certified courses.


    Group registrations allow you to attend our certified courses as a team at the same time. Our group courses are created to tackle present-day problems as well as prepare your company for the future.

    Discounts can be applied to a group that registers either to the same course or in a combination of courses. Request more information at [email protected].


    Companies that have trusted us with their education:

    Elanco, Dematic, Pepsico, Timberland, United Nations

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