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Shaping the future of sustainable business: Green business at the dawn of the new decade

By October 24, 2012CSR

Sustainability challenges businesses of all shapes and activities around the world to rethink their missions and to re-structure their operations, core business priorities and communication channels.

Sustainability needs not only to be explored as an outcome and a process of enterprising, but also as the catalyst for industry change and organizational innovation.

Pressures for achieving Ecological Balance, Economic Prosperity and Social Development, force organizations to make decisions that simultaneously consider and advance green operations and green business as a whole.

“Becoming Green” for a business is not just a recent trend in international level, but a sign of introspection, where businesses reevaluate the way they work and expand. Although climate change and sustainable development has been in the epicenter of the business community for quite some time, for many industries it remains hard to quantify, define, adopt and communicate the notion of green business.

Encountering the enterprising side of green, means meeting the challenges and assisting the green business sector, businesses with deep social and environmental commitments, emerge and succeed in a new competitive environment.

In order to simultaneously achieve economic development, social justice and environmental protection, each organization will need to strategically plan and implement a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility where the environmental aspect plays a key role.

The latest trends in Corporate Greening focus on new technologies, processes and services that strengthen a company’s business model while generating significant environmental benefits.

And remember: succeeding is not only dependant on a great idea, but on the insight of the state of the green marketplace, on acquiring the right marketing and financial models for the business, establishing measurable sustainability goals and monitor, evaluating and reporting on performance as well as selecting and retaining the right knowledgeable individuals.

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