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Sustainable Supply Chain: A growing need that can become a great business opportunity






The complex matter of integrating environmentally sound choices into the supply chain has created many pressing sustainability challenges for companies and suppliers. In the recent years there has been an increasing pressure from stakeholders (investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits) to push sustainability into the supply chain. This trend is enhanced by the launching of the Global Reporting Initiative’s new G4 guidelines, which focus more the sustainability issues of the supply chain.

Recent incidents such the factory collapse in Bangladesh and the uncovering of child labour in well-known companies’ suppliers highlight the importance of taking immediate action in this corporate area. By incorporating the supply chain into its sustainability plan a company can have various benefits, such as conservation of resources, optimization of processes, product innovations, savings of costs, increase in productivity and promotion of corporate values. But while most companies try and expand their sustainability program to include suppliers its implementation remains a struggle.

All these leave sustainability professionals in need of new ways of thinking and acting. The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence has incorporated in its Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training (IEMA Approved) all the new legislations and the changes in the new GRI G4 guidelines that concern the embodiment of sustainability in the supply chain. Through this training, professionals can have a comprehensive overview of the matters regarding the supply chain and its sustainable transformation, as well as guidance to the actions that can be taken towards this road.

Become a qualified sustainability professional and take your organization’s sustainability strategies to the next level!

For more information contact: sustainability@cse-net.org

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