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What CSR professionals in the UK need to know when it comes to current trends and challenges

CSR challenges are never ending in the corporate modern world whilst highly demanding and that is an important hint all professionals are aware of when it comes to facing them. Of the most significant ones is stakeholder’s influence and how corporates need to take that extra mile in order to engage with them.  CSE acknowledges that, among other challenges, while it also aims to further focus on them during the upcoming popular Global Sustainability Event that will take place in London, in March 2019.

On that note, it will be discussed how CSR professionals have to be more than just adequate in terms of designing sharper strategies and increasing their social, environmental and social impact. The new pool of Stakeholders has shifted from the traditional model; they are savvier and more perceptive. To that extent, the pressure on CSR professionals is added accordingly as they have to escalate their efforts to drive impact and remain in the frontline.

Sustainability (CSR) planning encompasses a basic step prior to putting it into force and that is communicating the business case of sustainability to the organization. The more effective is the communication of purpose and values the stronger the participation on behalf of the employees and more effective is the CSR Professional’s work. Sharing CSR initiatives and achievements both internally and externally can attract most of the C-Suite Executives’ support into the Sustainability Plan. Additionally, organizations are faced with the challenge of ensuring that they are balanced between being strategic, adapted and relevant not only globally but also locally.

Sustainable Development Goals are on the top list of the companies’ interests but it is unlikely whether they can integrate them into their current sustainability plan, let alone investing on how to engage their employees in them. More specifically, although SDG’s can be identified by most corporates and perhaps some of the strategies are focused on them it is unsure whether they are correctly embedded. Furthermore, the backbone of the companies, the employers, and also the customers are often found confused and little familiarized with the SDGs framework and how can this be related to the corporate brand. As a consequence, strategies often fail to address SDGs and their purpose.

So despite the trend, the challenge remains, as the know-how is missing from most CSR Professionals. The Center for Sustainability & Excellence has surfaced most of the latest challenges to focus on and hosts one of the leading Certified Sustainability training programs globally, this time in London, March 14-15. Additionally, the certified practitioner program will feature a presentation of the Surprising Research Findings 2018 on Sustainability Goals Integration and Sustainability (CR) Impact. The research focuses on reporting practices of more than 460 corporations from leading business sectors and outlines key considerations related to common strategic objectives, social impact goals, UN SDG’s, reporting and external assurance practices as well as legislation.

Claim your spot to be part of this global sustainability Event! For more information, contact csrperformance@cse-net.org.

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