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    Atlanta primed as Sustainability Leader in the South: Practitioners needed!

    Atlanta primed as Sustainability Leader in the South: Practitioners needed!

    Visit an Atlanta job board, search sustainability, and you’ll find jobs ranging from the company Acuity to the City of Atlanta to cyber security to health, environment and safety (EHS). Jobs are cross sector, cross discipline and with many different types of companies and organizations.

    As the city grows, it is incorporating EcoDistricts, modeled on urban environmental and livability initiatives around the US, such as the one in Portland, Oregon. Atlanta’s mayor has an Office of Resilience housing many of its sustainability projects ranging from housing, to energy, to transportation.

    An urban center in the middle of an agricultural state, Atlanta is challenged to limit its impact on mountains, farmlands and waterways. The city is a hub for Delta, faced with its own energy and pollution challenges.

    These challenges mean opportunity for sustainability practitioners. There is an awareness for the need to protect the environment in the face of growth, to promote safe and healthy living. Companies and government alike recognize these are all inter-related.

    Whether you are a program manager, an engineer, an accountant, you work in construction or retail, there is a place for people who understand the complexity of sustainability.

    The South is all too often under-represented in the sustainability community. Virginia, the Carolinas, and Florida are expending tremendous effort in sustainability. West Virginia is undergoing major economic shifts. Alabama has manufacturing and tech resources often overlooked. This region is primed to experience significant growth in the field of sustainability.

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    CSE is proud to be part of this transition and has worked with various companies and organizations in Atlanta, including the Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta Motorsports Park, Exide Technologies, Home Depot, HD Supply and Coca-Cola.

    Atlanta is an ideal setting to host CSE’s Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (2018

    Advanced Edition), March 8-9, 2018. Early Bird registration ends Feb. 5, 2018.

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