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    Behind the bright lights of Vegas: how the 24-hour party city is greening up its act

    Las Vegas opened its first green space last month – is it further proof that Sin City is turning over a new leaf?

    Taking shade under a Mesquite tree shouldn’t seem exotic in the Mojave Desert. Nor should catching the aroma of sage flowers, or brushing past spiky yucca and tongue-limbed agave plants. But on the fabled Las Vegas Strip, the very notion of a park is novel.

    Vegas still prides itself on selling unfettered indulgence. Round-the-clock gambling, high-end nightclubs and decadent restaurants are not going away. Yet the opening of the Strip’s first green space last month is further evidence that, regarding its relationship to the environment, Sin City is turning a new leaf.

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    from Sustainable development | The Guardian

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