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    Blended finance may not be the work of the devil after all

    A writer on international development and a CEO of an asset management company discuss the issues of public and private capital investment in driving change

    Deborah Doane, writer and consultant on international development and sustainability

    So Gerhard, for a layperson, the principle of blended finance makes sense: there isn’t enough public money to go around for development, so why not incentivise some private finance where help is needed? A country or development bank can provide a small grant or subsidised loan of a few million, and presumably, tens of millions will be released through private sources. The ultimate result, in theory, will be greater and faster development impact.

    I have lived with the wealthy and with the poor; I have worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Mother Teresa’s order

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    I’m not anti-business. Nor do I wax lyrical about aid.

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    from Sustainable development | The Guardian

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