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Carbon Strategy: Just marketing?

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges for the global community and greenhouse gas emissions (Greenhouse Gas-GHG) in the atmosphere are considered the main factor that cause. Apart from the international commitments (Rio, Kyoto Protocol) and national efforts to reduce emissions, organizations and businesses can also have an active role in tackling climate change. This is no what citizens / consumers who attach great importance to this environmental aspect require from companies and expect concrete results proving so. The measurement of carbon footprint is now common practice for many organizations worldwide, and is usually accompanied by a specific strategy on Climate Change.

In any case it is considered an environmental claim, meaning that companies communicate to consumers a message of protecting the environment, however it is more than this. Several models for calculating carbon footprint require companies to develop plans to reduce the footprint of products over time. These actions may relate to changes in energy consumption, use of new environmental-friendly technology, changes in product packaging, use of raw materials with less transportation needs (emphasis on local suppliers), thus result in the long-term reduction of carbon footprint and therefore beneficial for the environment. Carbon footprint and the overall Carbon Strategy are not just marketing, but also provide substantial benefits to society, and many companies have begun to realize the importance of this interaction with consumers.

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