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    As it is happening in cities around the world, Toronto has a significant portion of government resources directed toward sustainability. Where the city leads, opportunities follow. Some of the key issues addressed by the city council include climate change, wet weather, waste management, green spaces and ecosystems, and resilience.

    With regards to Climate Change, the city is making investments to decarbonize its economy and infrastructure. Preference will go to companies with low emissions and companies which can help reduce green house gases while improving public health, economic prosperity and social equity. Construction and transportation will play a key role.

    The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) has a series of blogs addressing aspects of sustainability and resilience in Toronto and throughout Canada. CSE’s research Sustainability (ESG) Reporting Trends: North America 2018 shows how engaging in socially responsible behaviors helps drive a profitable bottom-line.

    Wet weather affects more than the agriculture sector. The city has a 25-year plan that looks closely at storm water run-off. Protecting adjacent waters from urban pollution is one aspect. Another is mitigating basement flooding. This issue even affects tourism as the beaches are at risk. This is why WATERFRONT Toronto pays close attention to global best practices. The organization has a well-developed procurement process for revitalization projects.

    Another concern, the City of Toronto manages nearly a million tonnes of waste annually. The growing population combined with limited landfill space requires new waste reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and residual disposal programs. Companies which can mitigate their own waste stream or can provide cost-effective, socially acceptable and environmentally sound, long-term solutions are in demand.

    Many of these efforts culminate in protecting and enhancing Toronto’s green spaces, including ravines and along the waterfront. Quality of life, economic prosperity, opportunities for recreation and education, clean air and biodiversity require increased vigilance. For example, invasive pests and plants put pressure on these systems. Whether maintenance companies, non-profits or universities, there is need for people working on viable solutions.

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    These efforts lead toward building Toronto’s resilience. CSE’s Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2019) offers trainings addressing topics key to Toronto. CSE does not pick focus topics arbitrarily. We listen to participants from past trainings and to participants enrolled for future trainings. Want to inform the focus for Toronto? Register now and let us know your thoughts. CSE’s first Toronto training is April 11-12, 2019.

    Sustainability Reporting Research presented to Sustainability Professionals in Toronto. Latest research findings: Corporate secrecy is old school. Transparency and Sustainability Reporting are new drivers of business profitability.

    Chicago, IL (Oct. 30, 2017) –  The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) has found definitive evidence supporting the benefits of transparency in Corporate Sustainability Reporting.  CSE research identifies positive links between Sustainability Strategies and Reporting with financial results.   

    These new findings were presented  in Toronto, this October, during CSE’s Global Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program.  The encouraging findings were welcomed by executives from companies and organizations as diverse as Microsoft, P&G, Tridel and Sanofi.

    CSE closely tracks sustainability reporting trends in Canada and the USA.  CSE’s Sustainability Reporting Trends in North America 2017 research, along with last year’s findings on Silicon Valley, represent an ongoing commitment to provide timely and relevant sustainability content for C-level and upper management to corporations around the world.

    CSE has identified important correlations between enablers, tools and outcomes which contribute to financial success.  Enablers include a culture of transparency and comprehensive strategic goals that respond to stakeholders expectations.  Transparency does not only refer to putting out a sustainability report, but to including material metrics which are verified.  The information distribution tools are sustainability reporting and stakeholder communication.

    As a result, companies gain high sustainability ratings (ESG), and stakeholder perceptions are positively influenced. Positive financial performance was demonstrated in two-thirds of companies linking transparency to strong communications.

    Other Important research emerging trends revealed in Toronto:

    *  companies with the highest sustainability rankings had better financial performance than companies with lower sustainability rankings based on CSRHub ratings.

    * poor adoption of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).  Only 6.2% of the companies in the study integrated SDGs in their sustainability reports.

    * sectors with the highest reporting presence in Canada — Mining, Energy and Energy Utilities and Financial Services.

    *  Most companies use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

    Carbon footprint reduction is a priority, with many companies having well-stated and measured targets.

    CSE’s Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2018) offers corporate trainings on these key topics and many others.  Click here for the program agenda.  The first 2018 programs in North America are in Atlanta, March 8-9; returning to Toronto, April 26-27; and New York City, June 7-8, 2018.  Visit for a full schedule of global trainings.

    Health Safety and the Environment Trends in the UAE

    The continuous investments and industrial developments in the UAE have brought new challenges concerning health and safety in the workplace. As a result, new standards concerning health and safety were adopted this year, alongside with the improvement of the existing ones. The chapters included in this movement are among others, the environmental conditions employees work in, the exposure to potential dangerous chemicals, along with social effects, such as the employees’ relationship with their colleagues and other psychological weights.

    This has been a great progress since employees’ productivity is greatly affected by their sense of safety in the workplace, and these standards will play a significant role in accidents’ reduction and for skilled and experienced workforce to flow into the country. Consequently, the demand for HSE Managers is expected to raise, job openings will increase, while the importance of HSE Managers’ role in the organization will be strengthened.

    EHS Manager’s Role

    An Environmental Health and Safety Manager is a valued member of a business’ management team. But what does an EHS Manager actually do?

    • You will be expected to wear protective helmet/uniform/mask depending on the organization and the working conditions.
    • Your role involves the application and extensive knowledge of all health and safety regulations and guidelines concerning the organization.
    • You will be in charge of all the relevant permits for the organization (fire safety/environmental etc.), while you should be vigilant concerning possible hazards and risks in the workplace.
    • You will conduct regular trainings to all departments concerning all chapters of HSE and open a dialogue with the employees in order to perceive possible hazards or unsafe situations.
    • You will develop a program concerning workplace accidents which will include the investigation of the accidents, the analysis of the accident trends, and suggestions to avoid them in the future.
    • Your duties include regular inspections and maintenance of all machinery of the facility.

    Are you ready?

    So, if you think you are cut out for the job, we are here to support you in anything you need. CSE is a leading accredited provider of CSR Training and Consultancy internationally. Please have a look at our upcoming Certified CSR Training Program in Dubai, 5-6 November 2017. Good luck!