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    Certified Online Courses

    CSE’s advanced Certified courses will be of interest to professionals who want to update their knowledge and have a recognized qualification in the field of Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy. The specialized courses focus on the most important issues related with CSR and help professionals understand the business case for sustainability and how they can effectively design and implement sustainability strategies in their organizations. All courses include case studies, videos and best practices from the global market. All courses can be taken online and be completed in 45 days.

    Sustainability (ESG) Practioner: Basic Level

    Do you want to become a Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner -Basic Level? Learn Here How Learn more about the renewal process here

    Group Courses

    You can benefit from our specialized online courses on a variety of hot Sustainability topics, such as Sustainability Reporting based on GRI, ESG performance for Investors, Carbon Reduction, and Social Impact Assessment, tailored to cover the specific needs of your organization for your staff and other important stakeholders (Clients, Suppliers).

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    Group Online Courses

    Our Accreditions & Partnerships

    The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is a recognized global leader in professional Sustainability training and coaching and one of the first to recognize the growing need for advanced certified education in the field.
    CSE, as the owner and developer of the Sustainability Academy is:

    • Global Training Partner of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
    • CPD Accredited Training Provider
    • CMI Recognized Training Program Provider
    • Certified Consultant by Accountability (For coaching Services on Sustainability)
    • Member of PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment )
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