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    Climate change lights the touchpaper on terror – we must fight them together | Harriet Lamb and Janani Vivekananda

    Warming has been the ultimate ‘threat multiplier’ in fragile countries, fuelling conflict and extremism. We must build resilience, and with it a climate of peace

    In Paris this week, world leaders are working to agree a robust climate deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions. They are also grappling with how to tackle the pervasive threat of terror. The aim in both cases is to safeguard the right of current and future generations to live safe, secure and fulfilled lives. The fact that the climate conference is taking place in Paris grimly underscores this duality. But it isn’t simply that tackling climate change and insecurity are parallel challenges. They are linked risks that need to be met with linked responses.

    Even if we get the best possible global agreement to cut emissions in Paris, the effects of warming already in the system will play out for at least the next two decades, with an impact on conflict, security and fragility. Climate change plays a role in the ongoing political conflicts in Darfur and Mali, and in food insecurity across the Sahel. Climate change has also complicated conflicts linked to the Arab spring, most notably in Syria.

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