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    CSE Leader in Sustainability ESG Education Globally to Reach 200,000 Professionals by 2030

    CSE Leader in Sustainability ESG Education Globally to Reach 200,000 Professionals by 2030

    As we just celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States, it was a time for us at CSE to reflect and be grateful for the successful year we’ve had so far in 2021. We achieved a fast digital transformation to be able to support the continuous education of C-suite executives around the world for FORTUNE500 organizations, large multinationals and SMEs’ in a period of unprecedented difficulty for society and business, respecting the health and well-being of our programs participants.


    This was once again a year in which we saw corporations expressing interest and willingness to be part of a more sustainable world. The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is pleased to help organizations on their sustainability ESG journey.


    The number of trained sustainability (ESG) practitioners certified with our Sustainability ESG designation is a testament of their loyalty. We held 16 programs in 2021, and over 1,000 Sustainability Executives and Managers joined us. For example, we tackled the hard sustainability issues related to climate leadership, climate related regulations, ESG challenges, CFOs’ and Investors’ concerns, sector-based business models, supply-chain resilience, adaptation strategies, science-based targets. Furthermore, we presented solutions and actionable tools to help corporations embed sustainability (ESG) into the core of their business strategy and recovery.


    CSE’s research work continued in 2021and the new annual Research into ESG, and Reporting Trends in North America will be concluded soon. The research results will be featured at CSE’s Advanced Edition,  Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, Digital Version, on February 24-25 & 28, 2022.


    CSE has an ambitious agenda for 2022 to continue leading the shift and pushing forward corporate sustainability globally. We start the New Year strong, by bringing CSE’s flagship program, the Advanced Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, digital version to the US and Canada, tackling their own specific sustainability issues and challenges.


    CSE is committed to continue supporting businesses towards their sustainability transformation amidst the global COVID-19 crisis and helping them thrive. The CSE’s Sustainability Academy (www.sustainability-academy.org) leads the way in Certified Specialized Sustainability (ESG) Education. Its global initiative, the Sustainability Academy, aims to provide affordable, specialized online education and coaching on the issues of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.

    The Sustainability Academy offers the Online Diploma on Corporate Sustainability and a series of specialized programs on Circular EconomySustainability ReportingCarbon Reduction Strategy and ESG Impact and Sustainable Investing.

    There are also special In-house Programs for organizations, who recognize that investing in their human capital through education is the most important determinant for growth and excellence in Sustainability. To confirm this claim, recent research has demonstrated that organizations with a strong learning culture can outperform their peers. The Academy aspires to reach 100,000 professionals by 2030!

    Thank you to all our friends, colleagues, practitioners and followers. Don’t miss any CSE news: subscribe to our newsletters, follow us on social media and refer us throughout your networks.

    Stay tuned for our upcoming trainings in 2022 and insights, which starts with the Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition on February 24-25 & 28 and the Leadership Edition on April 7-8 & 11, 2022.

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