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    CSE’s NYC Sustainability Program celebrated the work of governments and NGOs and 10 years of significant impact in education

    CSE’s NYC Sustainability Program celebrated the work of governments and NGOs and 10 years of significant impact in education

    As Canada celebrates Canada Day and the USA celebrates the Fourth of July, we take a moment to acknowledge all the government and non-government organizations it takes to run a nation and align countries internationally.

    Governments and closely aligned NGOs are integral to the functioning of nations and international treaties.  Yet, they are often overlooked as part of the sustainability movement.

    In June, the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) celebrated the sustainability efforts of government and government-related organizations.  Participants from the US Forest Service, the United Nations Federal Credit Union, and USAA attended our Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition 2018.

    USAA offers banking, investing, and insurance to those who serve, or served, in the United States military, with more than 12 million members.  USAA is growing its internal sustainability efforts and even diversifying into impact investments.

    The UN Federal Credit Union manages over $4.3 billion in assets globally.  Social responsibility is core to their business.  CSE is proud to have multiple members from their US headquarters attend the training.

    The US Forest service is highly cognizant of the UN SDGs as it moves forward domestically, and the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines is focused on using sustainability opportunities to limit risk.

    While we welcome government-affiliated participants, the training also included non-profits such as the Nature Conservancy, Atlantic Health System and The Resource Foundation.  The fully booked course also had participants from such diverse corporations as Exxon, Celgene and Stantec.

    CSE is proud of our service to progressing sustainability strategy, goals, and reporting.  With consulting worldwide, our in-person trainings, and our award-winning Sustainability Academy, we offer important knowledge and resources in all aspects of Sustainability.

    Our next training is in Houston, Texas, September 27-28, 2018.  Appropriate to the region, the focus will be on the energy sector.  Early-bird registration will end soon, and our recent trainings have been sold out.  With questions or for more information, contact [email protected].

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