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    Nowadays leading companies recognize Corporate Social Responsibility through a business model because it is the right thing to do, and as part of their Strategy it enhances reputation and builds positive bridges to society holistically. This has brought a new era of competition into the business world as competitive advantage is highly dependent by its stakeholders judgment in relation to their CSR results.

    This new generation of competition has created a desire for businesses to win CSR awards as it directly provides recognition as well as leading the way to a more sustainable future!  This competition also transpires to a more personal basis as individuals view themselves as more “employable” if their background involves CSR! Thus, Certified CSR Practitioners are seen to hold the key of influencing the culture of a team or even an entire organization as well, as contribute to their personal recognition.

    Johanna Stakeberg is a perfect example of such individuals. Johanna is a CSR Practitioner trained by CSE, who following on from her training  started and developed two successful crime-preventive projects from 2007-2010, namely the ‘Neighborhood watch’, in Sörse – Varberg and in Andersberg – Halmstad (Sweden) which won the prize for the best crime-preventive project in Sweden 2012. Her inspiration was to minimize crime and promote the view of a healthy neighborhood! The aim of the projects was to prevent crime by 16-26% which was accomplished and surpassed! Yet, it was her desire for CSR which inspired the whole team and brought results! Undoubtedly to reach her goals she utilized ways and means of putting into best practice all her knowledge on CSR, which shined through and created a worthy project award!

    To honor such loyalty towards CSR initiatives CSE created an international competition among Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners known as the Global Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Challenge in order to Award the CSR practitioners which leaded projects with great impact.

    In 2012over 50 Certified CSR Executives from a diverse range of industries, backgrounds and regions took part in the 2012 Challenge. Within this competition each applicant presented a CSR initiative in which they had initiated and/or participated within their organization. Johanna, one of the 9 Awarded Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners, continued being recognized in Europe winning the first prize in the Swedish part of the crime prevention contest European Crime Prevention Award, the ECPA.

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