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    Dubai joins urban centers San Francisco, Houston and Toronto in welcoming CSE trainings addressing specific regional sustainability and CSR needs in a global context

    The successful November 2019 Dubai training focused on the importance of the need for a comprehensive sustainability strategy, including full commitment and support of each organization’s leadership.  Another focus, praised as one of the key take-aways by participants and challenges for the organizations in Gulf Countries and Africa, was the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, there was a strong interest in measuring the social impact and value created of long-term CSR Initiatives. Also, the central role of sustainability in each county’s vision and strategy for the future was discussed, as well as for the Dubai 2020 Expo, and the role companies play in the fulfillment of these strategies.

    The training included a majority of participants from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco and Dubai.

    Several SVPs, Circular Economy Experts, Senior Specialists, Sustainability Directors and CSR Professionals from leading companies such as The World Bank, Oman Oil, Emicool, Aldar Properties and Worley Parsons joined CSE’s certified sustainability program that has qualified over 6.500 Sustainability and CSR professionals.

    CSE is preparing now for the London Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2020), March 12-13, 2020.   As always, CSE will tailor the training to the unique needs of Europe.

    Supply chain, investor rankings, and materiality are important components of the Center for Sustainability and Excellence Certified Sustainability Practitioner training which will be presented in London 2020.  CSE does not pick focus topics arbitrarily, such as the request for extra SROI information in the 2019 Houston training.  We listen to participants from past trainings and to participants enrolled for future trainings.

    Want to inform the focus for London? Register early and earn the chance to inform the discussion, bring your unique challenges and learn the case-study based methodology to enhance your sustainability journey.

    Contact us at [email protected] today!

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