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Earth Day 2016: A good time to reflect on our own actions for a better environment

Last December, about 200 countries adopted the Paris Agreement on climate change and since then, considerable progress has been made by businesses and governments in this direction. And this has been achieved not only without jeopardizing their economic growth but, on the contrary, by driving it further. Specifically, 21 countries managed to reduce their GHG emissions while growing their GDP at the same time. Tomorrow, the official signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement takes place at the UN Headquarters. The agreement will enter into force when joined by at least 55 countries.

The emerging consciousness on crucial environmental issues has led to more and more organizations developing and implementing sustainable business strategies – effective strategies that are embedded within their core strategies and supply chain. Sustainability (CSR) professionals are therefore faced with the constant challenge to align the organization’s strategy with the values and principles of corporate responsibility – that is why they are in need of continuous, professional education.

CSE offers specialized, certified courses that can empower CSR managers who want to have a positive impact on our planet, starting from their company. Check them out:

Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program:

 For more information, contact: communications@cse-net.org

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