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Europe is looking for Sustainability Leaders. Next stop Brussels

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The Center for Sustainability and Excellence has a long-standing history in Europe of providing Sustainability Education to global FT 500 corporations and executives. 

This June in Brussels Sustainability Leaders from all over Europe will join the new advanced edition of the Certified Sustainability (CSR) Program. This training will bring together high level professionals from different countries, fields and companies to join the two-day workshop, to develop and enhance their business strategies through CSR frameworks.

The sustainability agenda at the European level is “a positive agenda, it is about making people’s lives better” (European Commission, Reflection Paper, “Towards a Sustainable Europe 2030”). The European Union is strongly supporting the transition to a low-carbon, more resource-efficient and sustainable economy and it has been at the forefront of efforts to build a financial system that supports sustainable growth.

Corporate Responsibility (CSR) is a key enabler of the transition to a more sustainable future, as private actors’ engagement is needed to deliver efficiency and results. CEO’s and the whole C-Suite need to be sustainability experts. The European Commission openly addressed the need for implementing further actions to stimulate companies to put sustainability at the core of their business process, through incentives.

Sustainability professionals have to address new legislation, integration of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into the current sustainability plan, new and upcoming trends, ways to influence and get support from C-suite executives, the role of Investors and how to maximize their corporate performance in ESG ratings.

CSE will be in Brussels, Belgium, in June 20-21, 2019. The Certified Sustainability Program provides tools for the design and implementation of the corporate Sustainability plan, as well as effective management of Sustainability complexities within their organization.

This program will feature a presentation of the Surprising Findings from CSE’s recent European Research on Sustainability Goals Integration and Sustainability (CR) Impact. The research focuses on Sustainability Reporting practices of more than 500 corporations from leading business sectors and outlines key considerations related to common strategic objectives, social impact goals, UN SDGs and external assurance practices.


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