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    Finding Pride in Sustainability

    A message from CSE, leading Corporate Sustainability Trainers in North America and around the world

    At CSE, we take pride in expanding sustainability around the world.  We believe that corporations have the most immediate influence.  We focus on practitioners who are intrapreneurs and leaders among peers – the ones who have passion.

    Meeting passion with passion is part of the pride.  We count success by the numbers we reach – certainly.  Even more, we count success by the individuals we serve.

    Here’s a typical training.

    We start by getting to know each other.  We learn about participants’ jobs, and we learn about their life – unique experiences which form their drive to better the world.  We’ve had countless parents and grandparents with children’s pictures and parenthood fatigue around their smiles.  The two days away from family is well spent learning to make a better world.

    We define sustainability specific to each organizations’ need.  We define what is NOT sustainability to help focus resources.  Building the business case justifies time and dollars spent.  Building the purpose case brings the talent, enthusiasm and engagement needed.

    Engagement – we talk about stakeholder engagement while helping participants build their own, recommitting to bringing their values to their companies.  We learn from each other’s missteps and best practices.

    As trainers, we take pride in “a ha!” moments – those instructional moments when participants realize all they’ve done correctly and those chagrined moments when easy opportunities become apparent.

    As trainers, take pride facilitating Action Plans which are actually implemented.  Leaders have a world of solutions.  That we provide the tools to manifest sustainability-specific solutions is a boon of our work.

    Without a real desire to engage with sustainability practitioners where they are in life, without years of experience dealing with dire problems and brilliant solutions, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the award-winning service we gladly bring to every training.

    Sustainability is about people – our colleagues, friends, most importantly our families.  All our practitioners become part of the CSE family.  We gain great pleasure and fulfillment watching our family grow!

    September 30 – October 1, 2019, NYC will host CSE’s exclusive Sustainability (ESG) Leadership Training Workshop for C-Suite Executives,.  This Fast-Track workshop addresses key challenges and equips business leaders with updated knowledge and practical tools to develop a sustainability vision and strategy, improve branding and ESG ratings, reduce stakeholder-related risks, manage retention and lead sustainable companies to deliver economic returns.


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