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Five lessons learned for Corporate Sustainability Success

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Sustainability Academy by the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) has much to celebrate on Earth Day. We are proud to support the continuous education of C-suite executives around the world on how to achieve their Sustainability – ESG transformation, and we have successfully done so for FORTUNE500 organizations, large multinationals, and SMEs. Sustainability Academy is committed to helping companies prepare and develop comprehensive Sustainability ESG Programs.

These are the five main pillars of our Success, which we are sharing with you on this year’s Earth Day.

  • Findings of CSE’s Annual ESG Research in US and Canada. We investigated and presented ESG best practices and standards used from 16 leading business sectors. The Research identified the Top 10 ESG Performing Companies and common success factors including ESG Ratings and Standards used by each company.
  • Support of SEC’s consultation. CSE was proudly a supporter of SEC’s consultation process in 2021 on climate disclosures and continues to share updates on the upcoming legislation and important sustainability (ESG) developments in its Sustainability ESG Practitioner Programs.
  • Sustainability Leadership. CSE’s Founder and President Nikos Avlonas has been named to the 2021 Environment+ Energy Leader 100, an annual list that celebrates the achievements of environment and energy “doers” in the fields of commercial and industrial environment and energy management.
  • Vision to support Sustainability Professionals to face the new challenges of their position. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 24 million jobs worldwide could be created by the sustainable economy by 2030 alone. Τhe Bureau of Labor Statistics adds that jobs in environmental science and specialties are projected to grow 8% the next decade. Sustainability Academy has been supporting top companies and global organizations through its specialized certified courses so they can meet the demands of their role.

Sustainability Academy works to include Earth Day lessons, regularly updated, as part of its certified online courses. The courses such as Corporate SustainabilityCarbon ReductionESG ReportingESG Impact and Sustainable InvestingCircular EconomySASB and TCFD Reporting provide a certified qualification to professionals so they can meet the high demands of their positions and the requirements of stakeholders.

We are happy to celebrate with you and offer a special 20% discount on all certified courses. Don’t forget to use coupon code ed20 until Sunday, April 24th!

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