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Fostering teambuilding and morale while working from home

As part of ‘social-distancing’ measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, millions of employees around the world now find themselves working from home. For employers who are trying to manage their teams remotely and retain morale and productivity, engaging employees in online training courses is a great way to achieve just that.

Research by Bersin has shown that organizations with a strong learning culture tend to have higher employee productivity and are able to create more business impact – and there is no better area for creating business impact than in your sustainability practices. The Sustainability Academy – CSE’s award-winning, online educational platform – offers certified online courses, for a variety of sustainability hot topics, including ESG performance, sustainability reporting, social entrepreneurship, and carbon reduction strategies.

The Sustainability Academy provides practical and up-to-date content (new editions published) and along with individual courses, organizations can sign up for online group courses.  Group Courses are tailor-made for organizations and cover the specific needs of the organization while allowing for teambuilding in a remote setting.  The Sustainability Academy has successfully designed and delivered certified online courses for diverse organizations like Timberland, Pepsico, and the United Nations. Certified group online courses allow for an exchange of ideas and knowledge among participants and the training team and each participant’s learning path, intensity, and time frame can be customized. Gamification options allow for the tracking and rewarding of participants’ progress.

Employees want to learn and grow, and with the current situation online learning opportunities are a great way to foster a learning culture in your organization even while your employees are working remotely. The return on investment will be palpable –Research has shown that organizations that are able to nurture their employees’ desire to learn are at least 30% more likely to be leaders in their industries over time.

Now is the time to develop your learning skills in the ever evolving field of sustainability while staying at home.


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