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    Green Skills, Where is Market Demand Highest?


    The International Labor Organization estimates that the green economy might generate 24 million jobs globally by 2030, making green skills crucial to the transition to a green economy. But where is this demand being seen the most?


    Over the past 5 years, green jobs postings have increased by 8% every year, and this demand has already exceeded supply. As countries and worldwide communities take action to combat climate change and protect biodiversity, green jobs will probably continue to expand. Governments and businesses are pledging to cut carbon emissions or meet other sustainability targets, subsequently driving the need for green jobs. However, industries that aren’t often considered green, like finance and technology, are looking for more people with green talents.


    This sudden demand for environmental professionals is growing across a broad spectrum of industries, including banking, fashion technology, and transportation in addition to the more obvious ones like renewable energy. While many of these skills are highly specialized and concentrated in traditional green occupations like environmental scientists, sustainability managers, or wildlife biologists, we also observe a growing trend of green skills among professionals in occupations that are not typically thought of as “green.” Salespeople, designers, and stylists, for instance, are becoming more and more interested in sustainable fashion and pollution avoidance. Additionally, portfolio managers and investment analysts are increasingly reporting on sustainable investing in environmental financing. All different kinds of roles are gradually incorporating green capabilities.


    There’s no such thing as a single “green industry” anymore. We are seeing green jobs span across a wide range of industries, from the obvious ones like renewable energy, to more unexpected ones like finance, fashion technologies and transportation industries. According to a survey published by LinkedIn in February 2022, the global demand for green talents is growing most rapidly in the fashion industry. WEF has published that green jobs and talent are actually more prevalent overall in the healthcare, agricultural, transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries, despite green talent development expanding more quickly in industries like energy and mining.


    Green jobs and green skills are increasing in most industries Image: LinkedIn


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