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    Group Discount Packages

    We are happy to accommodate groups of participants in our certified courses. Group registrations allow you to attend our certified courses as a team at the same time. Our group online courses are created to tackle present-day problems as well as prepare your company for the future.

    Discounts can be applied to a group that registers either to the same course or in a combination of courses.

    Taking an online sustainability course can provide the foundation you need to lead or contribute to the sustainability revolution through your organization. By choosing to educate you and your team as group will upgrade your company’s performance and drive success.

    Why registering as a group

    01. Cost-effectiveness

    Increase your savings by registering for multiple courses. Discounts start at 20%.

    02. Content matches core requirements

    Having specific people attending specialized courses could meet the organization’s demands in the best way possible and enhance your already structured ESG department.

    03. Collaboration Boost

    Training in teams can help employees practice communication and problem-solving skills.

    04. Get Extra Incentives

    Learn from experienced leaders in ESG to become a leader who can quickly adapt to change. Earn rewards by upskilling your group capabilities.


    -20% discount


    -25% discount

    Business leaders can change the world. Will you?

    Contact us and tell us your needs

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