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How financial crisis makes Corporate Responsibility highly important

With the financial crisis forcing organizations to look beyond their bottom line and prove themselves as responsible and trustable, the issue of Corporate Sustainability rises as highly important. It is an issue that involves all main functions of an organization, such as HR, Marketing, Supply, and therefore brings value to it as a whole.

Want to learn more about how global organizations address this issue?

Read the latest Blog post by Mr. Avlonas on CSRWire.


For professionals who want to get a recognized certification and advance their skills and knowledge in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, CSE’s Sustainability Academy provides a series of Online Certified Courses.

  • Diploma on Corporate Responsibility
  • Online Certificate on Sustainability Reporting
  • Online Certificate on Carbon Reduction Strategy,
  • Online Certificate on ESG Performance
  • The future of the Sustainability profession and trends: Coaching program
  • Online Certificate on SROI (Social Return on Investment)

Rise up to your stakeholders’ expectations and excel in your profession!

To learn more about our Online Courses, see the Sustainability Academy or contact us at marketing@cse-net.org

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