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    How to Launch your Sustainability Career

    The following tips will help to launch your sustainability career, and steer you in the right direction in order to excel in the field of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.

    1. Speak the language

    As you apply to different positions, adjust your CV (and interview) vocabulary so that it relates to the company’s context, values, and challenges. Sell them on how you can add value to their current priorities.

    2. Focus on your skill set

    There are some key skills which are absolutely necessary for a sustainability career;

    • Interpersonal: You will be required to work across departments and be responsible for communicating and collaborating with others. At times you will need to rely on your relationships to get things done. You have to be a visible leader and be able to motivate those around you.
    • Communication: Knowing how to communicate well, both verbally and written is a critical skill for a career in CSR. You are responsible for communicating everything from the business case to your impact and need to be able to tailor messages to different audiences and stakeholders.
    • Connecting the dots: CSR often requires partnerships with other organizations. Being able to see the ‘big picture’ and explain how your organization fits into the cause will be important.
    • Business Insight: Strategic thinking, research, analytics, and marketing are some of the most common skill-sets looked for in a CSR role.

    3. Network

    Don’t spend all your time perfecting your CV. Attend conferences and events to build your network and expand your sector connections. Jobs are often filled through connections and referrals, people like to hire people they already know or have heard good things about.Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability Jobs, CSR Career, Sustainability, Environment, Climate Change, CSE, Sustainability Academy|

    Talking to those who have the type of job you want or are working for organizations you are interested in is one of the best ways to learn more about potential opportunities. Keep your network vibrant by celebrating other people’s success. Be helpful and be useful!

    4. Read More

    It is absolutely crucial to stay up to date with all the latest CSR and Sustainability issues and trends in order to sound educated, and updated. Also online courses are considered a vital education resource. They only help to inform and enhance your professional career – even when you are constantly on the go!

    5. Focus on impact, not outputs

    What really matters – or should matter – isn’t outputs, but instead the input, or the impact you are making at a company through your work and your presence. Following these five basic steps will guarantee a bright future for everyone who is eager to start a career in the challenging and exciting field of Sustainability & CSR.

    Sustainability Academy wishes you Good Luck!


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