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    Is Dubai facing sustainability challenges?

    Despite making noteworthy steps in transforming its environmental viewpoint over the last few years, Dubai is facing serious challenges in maintaining its sustainable growth.

    Even though the Government is committed to building a sustainable city, rising population growth is within the main reasons for environmental change.

    Dubai must overcome:

    1. Expanding its fuel mix without affecting total emissions
    2. Reducing car ownership
    3. Expansion of the sewage networks and treatment plants
    4. Stop turning dry lands and deserts to wastelands with no value to society
    5. Moderating the long-term effects on Dubai’s shoreline and marine ecosystems

    In the heat of this challenge, CSE will present the Global Advanced Certified CSR Practitioner Program this November 11 – 12, 2018. Planning and thinking ahead in order to maintain a climate and sustainability plan is on CSE’s agenda along with Case Studies, Supply Chain, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications.

    “Ensuring a sustainable pathway for the future is vital, and Dubai has taken bold and swift steps in that direction of late. Economic growth and the resulting increase in construction activity have both necessitated the need for a deeper examination of the resulting environmental impact, providing us with the opportunity to develop a greener and more sustainable approach and this report has given us a basis to build on, in line with the objectives of Dubai Plan 2021.” Said Abdullah Al Shaibani, secretary-general of the Dubai Executive Council

    These challenges demand attention. Our next CSE Certified CSR Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2018) will be in Dubai, this November 11 – 12, 2018. For more information, visit or email

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