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Making a Business Case out of CSR: Tips

By July 13, 2012CSR

Every company understands differently the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility. However, CSR encompasses four basic elements: The company behavior towards its employees, the market, the society and the environment. In a sense, companies through CSE do nothing more but to return a part of their revenue to society and the environment they operate into. As companies are a part of society, they derive from it all the capital necessary for their operation, either human or environmental. Some companies decide to develop a code of conduct, in which they analyze a set of actions towards the society and the environment. Others take voluntary action in aid of the environment, society or sensitive social groups.

But there are various fields in which a company can encompass Corporate Social Responsibility. Below are some tips for what could companies do to move towards that path.

Working conditions:

  • Manage effectively its human resources, through equal opportunities and trainings
  • Manage effectively its human resources, through equal opportunities and trainings
  • Offer social insurance programs
  • Renovate sanitary facilities and always keep them clean


  • Protect the consumer
  • Rational pricing of the offered products and services
  • Ensure product quality and safety


  • Support cultural and sports events
  • Support NGO’s
  • Support socially sensitive groups
  • Support education

Corporate Ethics:

  • Anti-corruption measures
  • Active participation of all board member in the decision making process


  • Reduce waste
  • Recycle
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Environmental friendly investments

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