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Not the Paris climate talks: pictures worth a thousand words

A flurry of conceptual art has provided an eloquent visual counterpoint to the sound and fury of political negotiations at the UN climate summit

As the Paris talks draw to a close, there has been late flourish of artistic and cultural response to the potentially catastrophic threat of climate change. Some works are shouts of outrage, or attempt simply to make us connect with the reality of global warming. Others are of a more ambitious bent, seeking to be part of the solution by actively bringing people together to reimagine how we live in the world.

The campaigning work of the Beehive Collective, a volunteer-driven arts organisation in Paris for the festival of economic alternatives, has more in common with the medieval artisans who made the Bayeux tapestry than the fashionable but fleeting clicktivism of the age.

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from Sustainable development | The Guardian
via http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2015/dec/10/paris-climate-talks-conceptual-art-beehive-collective-jens-galschiot

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