The philosophy of this online certificate is to provide you with a step-by-step introduction to sustainability reporting in a simple and practical way.

A unique Reporting Simulation is included.

Duration: 15-20 hours
Assessment: Yes
Certification: Yes

A certified online course for Sustainability professionals who want to acquire the necessary practical skills for Sustainability Reporting

The course provides information on Sustainability (CSR) Reporting Guidelines and takes you through the main issues of stakeholder mapping/engagement and materiality assessment.

By succcessfully completing this course along with the Online Diploma on Corporate Sustainability you are eligible for becoming a Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner (Basic Level).

What you will get from the course

  • A Certificate on Sustainability (CSR) Reporting
  • Comprehensive introduction and practical knowledge on Corporate Sustainability
  • *NEW* Recorded Webinar on How to Avoid Greenwashing & How to Integrate the SDGs in your Sustainability Strategy & Reporting (2018)
  • *NEW* Includes detailed presentation of the GRI STANDARDS and the new reporting requirements
  • Recorded Webinar on the Results of CSE’s Research on the Sustainability Trends in N. America (2017)
  • Specially designed for professionals who want to have the basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Sustainability Reporting
  • Case studies and videos
  • Examples of Sustainability reports

Course Creator

This course was developed by CSE and supervised by one of the global experts in sustainability, Professor Nikos Avlonas. Read more.

Testimonies from our Trainings

Very well structured, thoroughly covers the whole CSR matters, very clearly and easily explained. Extremely good training overall.

Masako Hiraki, Manager/CEO office and European CSR office, Panasonic Europe

It was great how relevant the instructors made it to our own organizations. We were constantly learning how to implement the strategies back at our companies

Danielle Connor, CSR Coordinator, Pan American Silver

The training is very practical and up to date. I gained heavy and rich knowledge on CSR

Showg Mudhapar, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority


MODULE 1: Sustainable Development and the Business Case for Sustainability (CSR) Reporting

What is sustainable development and its evolution over time
The Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainability (CSR) reporting: the EU mandatory reporting directive
Sustainability (CSR) reporting benefits
Sustainability (CSR) reporting objectives

MODULE 2: The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – Introduction and Reporting Principles

The Global Reporting Initiative guidelines for sustainability (CSR) reporting
The structure of the Global Reporting Initiative
The GRI sustainability (CSR) reporting trends
Sustainability (CSR) reports by sector and sector disclosures
The key success factors for reporting
The GRI sustainability (CSR) reporting principles about the content and the quality of the report
The structure of the GRI STANDARDS reporting guidelines

MODULE 3: United Nations Global Compact, ISO26000 and Sustainability (CSR) Reporting

The United Nations Global Compact: benefits for engaging, the 10 principles, case studies
The ISO26000: benefits and structure
The link between the United Nations Global Compact and ISO26000 to the GRI

MODULE 4: How to Create a Sustainability (CSR) Report Part 1 – Preparing the Report and Plan for Stakeholder Engagement

The steps of the reporting process
The process of planning the report and the required steps
The two “in accordance” criteria
The stakeholder engagement process (selecting the key stakeholders, information needed by different stakeholders groups, communicating with stakeholders)

MODULE 5: How to Create a Sustainability (CSR) Report Part 2 – Materiality Assessment and Data Collection

The concept and steps of materiality assessment
The GRI indicators
Data collection and evaluation, identifying potential areas of weaknesses
Establishing “SMART” targets
The use of the GRI content index


MODULE 6: External Assurance and Communicating the Sustainability (CSR) Report

The benefits from seeking external assurance for the report
The standards used for providing external assurance (AA1000AS, ISAE3000)
Communicating the report: what factors to consider, available option (and examples)
Next reporting cycle: receiving feedback on the report

  •  Quiz at the end of each module.
  • Final Quiz and Assignment will take approximately 2 hours.
  • Each module together with the readings and quiz completion takes approximately 2-3 hours.
Special features
  • The Discussion Board provides direct communication with the training administrator and other participants currently registered for the online course.
  • You can do it in 30 days, at your own pace and on any device.
  • Save money and time from travelling and accommodation
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