The philosophy of the course is to provide you with a step-by-step introduction to Social Entrepreneurship and Benefit Corporations as well as to offer you unique knowledge in a simple and practical way.

Duration: 15-20 hours
Assessment: Yes
Certification: Yes

A certified online course for professionals who want to acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge regarding social entrepreneurship, benefit corporations and the B-Lab Certification

The course provides information on Social Entrepreneurship and takes you through the main characteristics and processes of becoming a social entrepreneur.

What you will get from the course

  • A Certificate on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Comprehensive introduction and practical knowledge on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Specially designed for professionals who want to have the basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Case studies and videos
  • Examples of Benefit Corporation reports

Course creator

This course was developed by CSE and supervised by one of the global experts in sustainability, Professor Nikos Avlonas. Read more.

Testimonies from our Trainings

Very well structured, thoroughly covers the whole CSR matters, very clearly and easily explained. Extremely good training overall.

Masako Hiraki, Manager/CEO office and European CSR office, Panasonic Europe

It was great how relevant the instructors made it to our own organizations. We were constantly learning how to implement the strategies back at our companies

Danielle Connor, CSR Coordinator, Pan American Silver

The training is very practical and up to date. I gained heavy and rich knowledge on CSR

Showg Mudhapar, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority


MODULE 1 - Introduction

What is a Social Entrepreneur
What is Social Entrepreneurship
Differences from Traditional Corporations
Local and Global Examples

MODULE 2 - Provisions and Benefits of a Benefit Corporation

Purpose-Accountability-Transparency-Right of Action-Change of Control/Purpose/Structure
Benefits of a Social Enterprise
The Role of Technology

MODULE 3 - Becoming a Benefit Corporation

Steps for Becoming a Benefit Corporation
Third Party Standards
Annual Benefit Reports
The Role of Directors
Why Investors Like Benefit Corporations
Shareholder Duties

MODULE 4 - How to Get the B-Lab Certification

What is B-Lab Certification
Differences and Advantages between B-Lab Corps and Benefit Corporations
Certification Process
Impact Assessment Tool
International Adoption
The B Corp Best of the World List

MODULE 5 - Strategic Value of Corporate Responsibility

CSR and Social Enterprises
The Business Case for CSR and its Benefits
Creating an Action Plan
Examples of Social Responsibility Strategies
  •  Quiz at the end of each module.
  • Final Quiz and Assignment will take approximately 2 hours.
  • Each module together with the readings and quiz completion takes approximately 3-5 hours.
Special features
  • The Discussion Board provides direct communication with the training administrator and other participants currently registered for the online course.
  • You can do it in 30 days, at your own pace and on any device.
  • Save money and time from travelling and accommodation

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