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Although up until now people have been forced into a behavioral change, time has proven this method inefficient. And though progress has been made in the field of sustainability, there is still a long path to walk upon. How innovative can one be in order to accelerate sustainability?

To answer this question, a second one is posed: Would you rather pay a carbon tax or play a carbon game that incentivizes you to reduce your emissions? Yes, sustainability is moving towards its “gamification”, a game-motive which calls upon people to promote sustainability in their everyday life. In the world of games, people tend to create a “perfect world”, one they feel proud of. By bringing the game into life, people are asked to change their lifestyle, socialize and promote the idea of sustainability; lead the world to a change.

Sustainability Brands mentions: “Developed in conjunction with Guerillapps, the game features Farmville-esque slick graphics and addictive gameplay. Most importantly, it bridges the gap between the digital and physical world by connecting with TerraCycle’s real-life recycling and charitable programs. The results are impressive.”

The trend has also entered the world of enterprises, with enterprise gamification which is focused on organizations and employees. Susan Hunt Stevens, CEO and Founder of Practically Green, has already developed “a gamification platform for helping companies optimize their sustainability programs. Practically Green’s engaging web and mobile interface employs game mechanics such as leaderboards and badges to challenge people to form groups, take green actions and measure their environmental impact at work.”

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