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    Post-Pandemic Reality: Urgency for Business-Model Resilience

    As most of the cities around the globe enter the reopening phase or have already started embracing the new normality so have individuals and corporations come with the striking realization that they  need to take ownership of a better, more resilient future.

    Through the unexpected world-pause, an opportunity is offered to reflect and reset what seemed to be non-vital. Although often thought as different concepts, resilience is apparently adding now more than ever nuance and inspiration to the idea of sustainability making it more suitable to the confusing world around us.

    With the inescapable changes and disruptions already taking place, envisioning the world as in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) might not be a utopia as this is the right moment to spur renewal, pioneering thinking and collectively thrive. That nonetheless, requires listening and learning from the ground up with lessons from the pandemic.

    For start, it is critical that we acknowledge that in order to achieve the even synergy of the triptych planet, people and profit, we should stop overlooking sustainability as a problem that addresses anyone but ourselves rather than we commence to act collectively.  Especially in the corporate sphere, it is impressive how little are employees engaged in the organization’s sustainability journey as socio-environmental criteria fail to be successfully integrated into every business department. This is disappointing if we do not truly grasp that in essence, sustainability infuses in every division in all company’s operations.

    Covid-19 came as an earthquake to shake business models so that they become more resilient, more sustainable. Sustainability Academy is committed to play its essential role in this transition by offering affordable and specialized training on the hottest issues of Sustainability not only to individuals but also to a group of professionals and corporations that are determined to entice their employees and other stakeholders to engage in sustainability.

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