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    Refer and Win Ambassador Program SA

    Refer and Win Ambassador Program SA

    Sustainability Academy Ambassadors Spread Our Mission

    The Sustainability Academy aspires to train 100,000 sustainability practitioners by 2020!

    Opportunities for sustainability in corporate and social entrepreneurship are boundless.  In-person programs can be financially out of reach and time-consuming.  And, “on-the-job” inevitably leads to costly mistakes.  The Sustainability Academy provides the same caliber concentrated training online that has reached executives from much of the Fortune Global 500.

    Sustainability Academy courses teach the principles of nature and business, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), trends and regulations, SROI, stakeholder engagement, cause-related marketing and materiality, creating a critical mass of Sustainability Practitioners which cross disciplines and industries.

    We need your help.  We invite all our existing  and former Sustainability Practitioners – there are over 5000 of you! – to join us as a Sustainability Academy ambassador.

    As an ambassador, you become part of our “Refer and Win” program.

    Referrals are the highest compliment for us.  We promise that your referrals will receive our high education standards and will gain advanced knowledge on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.

    When you suggest three (3) members of your professional network, each one will receive a 15% discount for the online course of their choosing.  This includes our signature Online Diploma on Corporate Sustainability as well as others on Sustainability Reporting, Carbon Reduction Strategy, ESG Performance for Investors, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact Assessment and SROI, Intro to Sustainability Reporting, Intro to Corporate Carbon Footprint Reduction, and How to Find a CSR Job.

    When a friend or colleague registers, you will receive a 15% discount for any online course and a $45 Amazon voucher.

    Referring us to your colleagues means you’re helping them gain advanced knowledge on Sustainability and CR, take their careers to the next level and make a positive impact for our planet.

    Let them see the benefit for themselves with our free first modules for Carbon Reduction Strategy, ESG Performance and Sustainability Reporting.

    Help us reach 100,000 Sustainability Practitioners by 2020!

    For more information about “Refer and Win”, contact: [email protected]  


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