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Scan your sustainability!

So, you have a sustainability strategy. Great first step. But you do not know how to communicate it. You want something innovative, fresh and interactive? Scan it! QR Codes can be an important tool to promote your sustainability strategy.

The real key behind QR codes is to think creatively when you review your printed communications and then decide how you can transform this to an interactive and attractive web page. Through a QR Code you can provide immediate access to concise information in a user friendly way. What better way to promote your sustainability strategy?

Imagine your product on the shelf, and every consumer having the opportunity to see what you do in terms of your sustainability strategy, simply by pressing a button on their smartphone. Not sure this will reach many people? Numbers might convince you otherwise. IDC say 144.9 million smartphones were sold worldwide in Q1 2012, while total 2011 sales were 491.4 million units.

Imagine the countless possibilities. You can use it to engage your stakeholders and inform them for your sustainability report; engage with consumers, while communicating your product’s sustainability features, such as its water/carbon footprint; use it to promote your sustainability related campaigns.

If you need more information on how to use a QR code for sustainability, check out our new service

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