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    Surprising Research Findings on Sustainability (CSR) Reporting Τrends in Europe

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    Europe specific findings to be presented next in London

    Are European Corporations role models for Sustainability (CSR) reporting? Given the high concentrations of energy, financial and pharmaceutical organizations, many believe Europe veers toward Sustainability (CSR) and the EU Directive on Non-financial and Diversity Information (Directive 2014/95/EU).

    Our October 9, 2018, at 10:00 AM BST, live webinar presents a comparative analysis of Sustainability (CSR) and corporate social responsibility reporting by European-based companies and organizations from CSE’s Research on Sustainability (CSR) Reporting Trends in Europe.

    While many companies researched are leaders in their field, they are not necessarily leaders in Sustainability (CSR). As the new European Directive is becoming embedded more and more in national legislation, CSE’s latest research program focuses on reporting practices of more than 460 corporations from 8 leading business sectors (financial services, construction, food and beverage, logistics, chemicals, healthcare, telecommunications, energy).

    Important insights include:

    • Common Sustainability Strategic Objectives per sector in selected European Countries
    • Common Social Impact Goals and the practices followed by EU companies on how to measure their social impact
    • The impact of the EU Directive on non-financial reporting

    Other key trends include:

    • Sectors with the highest reporting presence
    • The rapid growth of UN SDG’s adaptation and the range of incorporation
    • The challenges of external assurance and how companies can increase transparency and credibility
    • The new GRI Standards and how they can be used to comply with the legislation for non-financial reporting

    The expert webinar will be led by Nikos Avlonas, president and founder of CSE.

    Join us on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 10am BST. REGISTER HERE

    After the webinar you will get a copy of the full research!

    CSE’s research furthers its commitment to high caliber training in sustainability for corporate executives and Sustainability (CSR) managers worldwide. Its Sustainability Academy (a global initiative to train 100,000 sustainability professionals by 2020!) provides rigorous education to sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates needing the latest resources to advance in this ever evolving field.

    Findings of the new CSE research will be presented for the first time and discussed in further detail in London during CSE’s Global Certified CSR Practitioner Program in December 6-7, 2018.

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