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    Sustainability Networks Grow Through Affiliate Partnerships

    Leveraging Community and Skills in the quickly expanding Sustainability Sector

    CSE  and our Business Network of Affiliates help companies and organizations improve business performance while promoting social, economic and environmental values.

    The Sustainability sector is one of the fastest growing business opportunities available.  Start-ups and corporations are looking to install sustainable practices at every level from foreman to financier.  Sustainability Reporting is a trend reaching every major corporation, domestic and international, and many smaller businesses looking to grow and compete.

    CSE welcomes Sustainability freelancers and small consulting companies to join our Affiliate program.  CSE selectively partners with creative and engaged sustainability professionals who can teach sustainability principles and lead sustainability programs as consultants.

    Joining the CSE network provides:

    • Opportunity to become a Certified Sustainability Consultant
      • Discount on certification courses
      • Free materials and webinars
      • Access to original CSE research
    • Ongoing opportunities to expand your resources, knowledge and marketing capacity
      • CSE Affiliate logo for your website and presence on CSE website
      • Supplement your expertise with CSE resources for joint projects or RFPs
    • Increased revenue
      • Conducting CSE Sustainability Trainings in your community and networks
      • 15% commission for referring clients outside your expertise to CSE
    • Increased professional visibility
      • Offer clients discounts on External Assurance
      • Offer online courses in a wide variety of Sustainability topics and skills, using your brand as point of reference

    CSE certified practitioners span the globe with Affiliates in Canada, Central America, Hong Kong, Japan, Oman Qatar, Romania, the UK and, of course, the USA.  Current expansion is focused on North America.  CSE is vetting applications to join our award-winning family.  Visit the CSE website for more information and to apply.

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