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    2019 is going to be a sustainable year in all aspects as “Sustainable Travelling & Tourism” is now a hot trend. These Travel Trends of 2019 have been published by ABTA and include ‘Responsible tourism goes mainstream’ and ‘Resurgence of the trusted travel expert’.

    Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive, said: “Sustainability issues are now firmly in the minds of holidaymakers, our research shows people are increasingly conscious of the positive influence they can have through their holiday booking choices and are more mindful of the actions they take. We expect these factors to further inform where and how they holiday next year. The travel industry has been working across a range of sustainability issues for some time now and continue to develop plans and initiatives which support local communities, their economies and the environment.”

    This year a number of sustainability issues rose to tackle further into the public’s consciousness with greater awareness of the impact of plastics on the environment, on tourism’s impact on local communities etc. The increasing nature of this need for awareness is also reflected in holidaymakers attitudes towards companies with over a third of people would select one travel business over another if they have a better environmental record. Responsible tourism has risen further up the agenda and is becoming an integral part of business decisions and planning, with many companies announcing plans to make holidays more sustainable in the long term.

    Travel Trends 2019 also reveals that, despite the unprecedented political turbulence and uncertainty of the past year, Britons are firmly committed to taking holidays with 12% of bookings for summer 2019 being already set up from 2018.

    CSE is so happy to be part of this change-culture and will be back in London, UK, March 14-15, 2019 to present its very popular Globally Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program.

    This certified practitioner program will feature a presentation of the Surprising Research Findings 2018 on Sustainability Goals Integration and Sustainability (CR) Impact. The research focuses on reporting practices of more than 460 corporations from leading business sectors and outlines key considerations related to common strategic objectives, social impact goals, UN SDG’s, reporting and external assurance practices as well as legislation.