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    Atlanta joins urban centers Toronto and New York in welcoming CSE trainings addressing specific regional sustainability needs.

    The successful February 2019 Atlanta training focused on the South. Atlanta is a gathering place for corporations throughout the southern U.S. and the world, given it is a critical transportation hub.  The Atlanta international airport is the busiest in the world.  The training included a majority of participants from Georgia, the Carolinas, Maryland, Florida and Texas.  We also had participants from as far away as the UK, Belgium and Ghana.

    CSE is preparing now for the Toronto Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2019), April 11-12, 2019.   As always, CSE will tailor the training to the unique needs of this region.

    A good portion of the Atlanta training focused on Supply Chain, important considerations for participants from Rheem, Allnex and Suddath.  Sustainable management of Supply Chain makes a significant impact in promoting human rights, fair labor practices, environmental progress and anti-corruption policies. The conversation even dealt with human trafficking.  Given Atlanta’s national and international reach, highlighting Supply Chain issues made sense.

    FT 500 participants from Google, Sodexo, Guardian Life Insurance and Intercontinental Exchange were particularly sensitive to the implications of sustainability rankings to investors.  ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) are part of due diligence for trillions of investment dollars.

    Another focus, praised as one of the key take-aways by participants, was Materiality.  When allocating resources, smaller and newer companies such as S&D Coffee and Tea, Capgemini and WildArk appreciate knowing how to address stakeholder concerns when designing a sustainability strategy and developing a sustainability report.

    Supply chain, investor rankings, and materiality are important components of the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence Certified Sustainability Practitioner training which will be presented in Toronto, April 11-12, 2019.  CSE does not pick focus topics arbitrarily, such as the request for extra SROI information in the 2018 Toronto training.  We listen to participants from past trainings and to participants enrolled for future trainings.  Want to inform the focus for Toronto?  Register now and let us know your thoughts.