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    Acknowledging the extreme effects of the environmental fluctuations on communities and the need for rigorous action to protect the environment and individuals, Canada is leading the way to advancing policies and strategies that will ensure long-term sustainability in its cities.

    Inspired by the country’s initiatives, CSE is bound to responsibly address the importance of the UN SDG’s and Carbon Footprint Reduction. Upon popular demand, the advanced edition of the Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program will be hosted in Toronto for the second time this year. The leading training program aims to provide the sustainability professionals with all the essential and practical tools and resources in order to deliver the most effective strategies in favor of the environment and society.

    Following the 2017 UN climate report it is pointed that the effects of the climate-related events have increasingly shifted the lives of societies and global health. In this context, green buildings seem to play an important role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization, resource limitations and climate change.

    Building more but acting greener

    Given the indisputable fact that building and construction account for more than 30 percent of CO2 emissions, the work of the World Green Building Council is significant in terms of promoting affordable and clean energy and facing the challenges of global warming. From this angle, Canadian Government has put into force innovative projects and policies in order to reach the long term goal of creating more “net-zero” cities in the future that promote the health and wellbeing while using climate-resilient infrastructure. Despite the growth of floor space over the past fifteen years in Canadian buildings, GHGs emissions have fallen, explaining how successfully local, federal and market actions along with the greening of the electrical network have been combined towards that innovation.

    With regards to Toronto, the city is engaged in operations to achieve the gas reduction target of 80% by 2050 and improve its energy performance overall that will grow economy and will advance social equity.

    CSE is on track with Toronto’s transformational low-carbon plans and invites you to one of its leading certified practitioner programs in sustainability this October, 25-26, 2018. Be sure to claim your spot and learn all about the hot trends including the UN SDG’s and newest GRI standards.