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    The circular jobs of the future

    The circular jobs of the future

    Circular economy is essential to fight climate change while it penetrates almost all industries around the world. New roles and jobs are emerging to drive early circular economy transformations, which require a well-trained workforce. Looking at the new trends toward circularity, the opportunities are going to multiply, so be prepared for one or more new roles within your organization.

    Right now, Netherlands is the country with the highest percentage (8.6%) of jobs related to circularity. Scotland follows the lead with 8.1%, along with Belgium (7.5%). The European commission has already projected a rise in circular jobs by 2030.

    Let’s meet some of the new roles emerging for circular economy.

    Circular investment specialist

    The creation of circular economy has driven innovation and new business models. It can be an investing opportunity to profit by reusing, refurbishing and repairing products. Also, capability in developing and implementing circular policies can be critical.

    Designer for circular products and packaging

    Circular packaging should incorporate the principles of the circular economy. Products designed and packaged with sustainable, recyclable and reusable materials represent the commitment to the new legislations and a sustainable future.

    Customer service professionals in circular economy products

    Customer service professionals need a new common language to address all the environmental attributes and benefits around circularity. Their new role goes beyond purchasing. There is need to create value for consumers on circular economy products and services.

    Reverse logistics manager

    Reverse logistics can help close the loop of product life cycles. The role of a reverse logistics manager starts at the point of consumption and captures the value of products and materials or properly disposes them.

    Circular business models are already taking off internationally and companies need to invest in circular job training and education. Training has a critical role to play in enabling circular economy strategies and support their activities, so it’s time to equip you with all the necessary tools and skills needed for the emerging jobs in the circular economy.

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