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    The importance of clean technology: World Technology Summit 2012

    Clean technology has emerged as an umbrella term encompassing the investment asset class, technology, and business sectors which include clean energy, environmental, and sustainable or green, products and services. Clean technologies are known to improve the lives of people in both developing and developed countries, and therefore investments can render a nation competitive, offering added value to its citizens.

    The World Clean Technology Summit will bring together world leaders in renewable energy, exhibitors, investors, scientists and clean technology providers from around the world to engage, interact with each other, exchange business contacts, forge partnerships, and pave a way forward for a sustainable future.

    The Following are objectives for the World Clean Technology Summit:

    • Create a shared understanding of the role governments, private sector, non-Profit, academic and the media play in promoting clean technologies to achieve a sustainable future for all
    • Provide a platform for companies, investors, Governments, foundations, academicians and civil society organizations to share the efforts they are undertaking to promote clean technologies and to publicize new commitments to action
    • Inspire new forms of public-private, private-private partnerships, public policy measures, and associated business and development opportunities to overcome environment and development challenges at the country and international levels.

    Every year, Pilot International continues to provide a Global Platform for Advancement of Innovations and Clean Technology for a Sustainable World.
    The growth and success of our events is testament to Pilot Internationals’ determination to provide a global platform for effective dialogue on renewable energy, clean technology and environmental innovations, as well as to achieve 3 of the millennium development goals, such as, the DG3: Promoting Gender Equality& Women Empowerment, the MDG7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and the MDG8: Developing A Global Partnership For Development.

    For more information you can visit www.pilotinternationalconferences.com

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