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    Tips on Cause Marketing: the 4 Main Pitfalls to Avoid

    Tips on Cause Marketing: the 4 Main Pitfalls to Avoid

    Cause marketing is a cooperative effort between a company and a non-profit organization that benefits both parties. Apart from supporting a good cause, an effective cause marketing strategy can lead to increased sales, enhanced brand image and stronger customer loyalty. That sounds great, right? But let’s not be too hasty.  Below is a list of the most common mistakes to avoid.

    1. Be picky when choosing the non-profit

    You do not wish to be run the risk of a wrong choice and build your campaign on a weak foundation. Ethical conduct is important. The guiding principles? Sincerity, authenticity, commitment and transparency.

    1. Beware of the law

    One of the main pillars of cause marketing is transparency. So, remember not to be vague but rather specific about your contribution to the cause. You do not want to be suspected of deceptive practices.

    1. Don’t be closed-fisted with your resources

    And when we say resources, we do not talk only about money. Of course, you need to control the costs, but time is another key element in the success of cause marketing campaigns. The clock is ticking to your benefit and devoting time is a secret to making an impact.

    1. Avoid confusing cause marketing with philanthropy

    This is not a typical charity case. You use your marketing department, so do it wisely instead of missing the true potential!

    You should keep in mind that the highlighted mistakes are only a sample of the pitfalls you could come up against and you better proceed with caution at every step of the process. However, these mistakes are the main source of trouble and should be avoided at all costs!

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