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    Why Academic institutions should add Green to their school colours

    Just as the benefits of Corporate Sustainability initiatives go beyond simply doing “what’s right” or saving money, worldwide colleges and universities are finding wide-ranging benefits from making sustainability core to their school brand.

    In the same way that companies have their products and services to watch over for ways to implement Sustainability, academic institutions around the world should create the best student experience and classes on Sustainability and seek ways to improve waste management around the campus and football fields.

    Research shows that it is mainly universities in the USA which have taken the initiative to build Green Buildings and incorporate solar panels and various waste management programs (e.g how waste is handled in Football games and events, water systems, recycling bins).

    For instance, The University of Notre Dame in Paris already has enough student volunteers to handle recycling duties for its football games this year, showing just how many students want to be involved.

    Arizona State University in the US, meanwhile, has attracted sustainability-minded students with its environmental commitments and zero waste goals as well as its educational offerings.

    While a school can implement any number of sustainability projects, it will want to know the impact of those efforts, and what kind of effect they’re having on the school’s branding. Colleges and universities can determine the brand value of sustainability by looking at national recognition they receive from their CSR actions, recruiting advantages, campus quality of life, increased productivity, student and faculty retention, lower carbon emissions, reduced operational costs and environmental compliance.

    Considering the impact and influence of Sustainability globally, all colleges and universities would find clear practical benefits in implementing CSR strategies in their campuses. Furthermore, they would provide a great example for the rest of the world and also create a better place for future generations and more energy efficient facilities for them with all technological advancements that are provided today.

    CSE is committed to provide the same example and will continue to train and certify professionals who will consequently improve their CSR performance leading to clear benefits not only for their own organisations but also for society as a whole.

    Upcoming training locations and dates:

    Advanced IEMA Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training in Abu Dhabi, 12th October 2014

    GRI (G4) Training on Sustainability Reporting, Qatar, 15th October 2014

    IEMA Certified Carbon Strategy Training in London, 21st October 2014

    Advanced IEMA Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training in London, 23rd October 2014

    Source: GreenBiz.comNorthland College

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