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Why miss the chance this year? Jump into sustainability!

More and more professionals join our sessions for the Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program and as we recently celebrated our 10th Birthday, we collected our memories in order to share with you some of the 2016 highlights so far!

This year, CSE has delivered 3 sessions for the Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program! Among our best moments, was the presentation of Ms.Laurie Peterson, Certified Sustainability Practitioner and NASA’S Sustainability Champion, in Houston as guest speaker. Laurie described NASA’s commitment to sustainability, the model followed as well as the sustainability evolution at Johnson Space Center. In New York, Dave Armon, Chief Marketing Officer of 3BL Media gave a great presentation on the importance of communicating sustainability initiatives in order to keep the communities, businesses and governments alert. Overall, we are proud to have welcomed executives from different countries, fields and companies who helped our mission to further educate professionals and enhance the sustainability momentum!

3 more exciting destinations are yet to come in 2016! Having won the respect of the majority of the Fortune 500 companies, CSE has trained more than 5,000 professionals from 45 countries so far. In fact, this 2 day training attracts professionals from leading organisations such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, United Airlines, Walmart, Nestlé and Pfizer.

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Contact us: sustainability@cse-net.org

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