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    1.750 reasons why a sustainability job can make you happier

    A business trend that is rising rapidly all over the world has to do with sustainable ways of doing business, as a method to reduce operational costs and keep stakeholders happy. But is it just that? Perhaps it is. Perhaps to some it is. However, there are people who need a purpose in their career and they are quite a few, as a recent Gallup’s State of the American Workplace study shows: 70% of participants described themselves as “disengaged” from their work and only 30% admitted they honestly enjoy their job.

    The sustainability profession is for many connected with the opportunity to change the world, increase the quality of life and preserve all of its forms. There are professionals who believe that human development can only be seen as a part of nature and they are drawn to sustainability, in order to help their organizations return value to society and the environment.

    We believe that education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world and therefore our purpose is to offer advanced knowledge to professionals who want to make a positive contribution to our planet. Already,5.000 professionals worldwide have taken our programs and we are proud that over 35% (1.750) of these Certified Sustainability Practitioners stated that this helped them get a new job or a promotion. The driving force for us, the thing that makes us passionate about our work, is that we help professionals put their sensitivity into a business framework. Their success is our success. And this is our contribution to a more sustainable future.

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