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    5 Benefits of group trainings in sustainability

    5 Benefits of group trainings in sustainability

    Sustainability has become a necessity in the business world and embedding ESG strategies into a company’s profile may be more challenging than it seems. It has already been recognized that implementing sustainable practices into an organization can result in multiple benefits, such as reduced costs, better resource management, better reputation or being a part of supply-chains and markets with high standards.

    Even if a company has already implemented ESG or it now begins its sustainability journey, the landscape is constantly changing, being also chaotic to many of them. The ever-changing legislation and the new ESG ratings and standards have brought training at the forefront. Moreover, with the wide range of existed sustainability topics, the company should choose wisely and organize a corporate training relevant to its goals, business strategy and operations.

    How can organizations enhance the skills of employees to increase capability? Individual training is the most flexible way of learning, however, there are a lot of benefits of investing in group trainings. Five of them can be read below.

    1. Collaboration Boost

    Training in teams can help employees practice communication and problem-solving skills. Discuss topics with each other and applying techniques and theories to their projects will expand their ability to work better together.

    1. Better Productivity

    Collectively learning new ideas and methods gives employees a common language and everyone is working towards achieving the same goal. Teams that collaborate are always more productive.

    1. Improves company’s culture

    Team trainings give the opportunity to collaborate in a way that expands perspectives beyond immediate problems or disagreements. They can be a safe space for building trust. Apart from that, providing your workforce development opportunities results in a positive workplace culture.

    1. Cost-effectiveness

    Employees can attend to the training programs from their own offices or their homes, reducing a company’s expenses. Also, training in teams is always more cost-effective than training an individual due to discounts opportunities.

    1. Content matches core requirements

    Having specific people attending specialized courses to implement sustainability initiatives could meet the organization’s expectations and demands in the best way possible. By doing so, the organization can effectively build its sustainability profile and strategies or enhance its already structured ESG department.


    Gain practical and up to date knowledge in all core areas of sustainability through Sustainability Academy’s specialized courses. Equip your employees with practical skills to meet your company’s needs in this challenging field.

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